Monday, November 15, 2010

The Wilcox

At the far end of Cambridge
Where the street called Broadway goes
People learn to ride their bikes, lined up in rows
They listen to their teacher as the wind blows...

At the bicycle school, some people have fear,
for if you have a good ear, you can still hear,
the Wilcox in training,
even when raining,
until the Wilcox decides to go.

And where does it go?
And why does it always start on third row?
The packfill lives there,
Ask them, they know.

And he almost has no desire to stop.
He churns out more power
Than a large wind mill tower

Towards the end of the race
Some fools give chase,
And they learn a terrible lesson.
The Wilcox got faster,
For the Wilcox crushes those in his wake.

Images modified by Ryan White, from scans found on Google Books, original copyright: Random House


  1. steve. great post! Wilcox is one of my favorite people in the cross scene! i have only experienced his end of race speed once personally and that was at night weasels...

    awesome stuff!