Thursday, December 9, 2010

Backlogged Race Reports Lowell and Baystate Day 2

(This picture sums up how awesome Lowell was, photo: Toro Loco Cycling)


So, Lowell was a great event. I had a swell time. There was fun stuff there, such as ride-ups, hupcakes, barriers, hardpack, it was good. I also did the Elite (P/1/2/3) race because, I've pretty much had enough of the chaos of the cat 3/4 race for a while.

Anyways, I started in the middle-ish, I think, and I had a decent start. Unfortunately somehow got my foot stuck in Matt Aumiller's wheel on the opening sprint, and broke the valve off it, who knows how that happened, anyway I stayed upright and I spent most of the first lap on the Adam Sullivan train, things were going well.

Then Colin came flying by as I was sitting on RMM's wheel and I sprinted around RMM specifically for some chain-stay cam time. That was fun. Then I hung out with John Mosher for a bit and tried to stay with the Adam Sullivan Group. But couldn't and during this period RMM got around me.

But then I got dropped and I was trying to pursue RMM because, well, because, I wanted to beat him into the ground. So I rode hard, whilst still taking waffle, four loko and cupcakes during my pursuit and at two laps to go I had caught RMM and blew past him. Then I tried to close the gap to Josh to get back some dignity in the Hebrew cup, only to finish 10 seconds behind him as I claimed back 6 spots back over the last two laps.

Final result: 24 of 36

Bay State Day 2

After getting what I thought was a very respectable dead last in the UCI race on day 1, I was looking forward to a solid ride in the cat 3 (aka Kids') race on day 2. Especially with the more technical and twisty course that really suited my skill set.

I started in the 3rd row or so and just hung out for a while with the usual suspects and had a plan, suck wheels like crazy while things spread out.

Early on I was riding with Ian, Casserly and Benny my teammate. I was rather enjoying this group. Everybody pulled, everybody tried to move up and we were in the Verge Points zone.
(Railing a turn with Oscar in tow, early on Day 2. Photo: Ryan LaRocque)

Eventually, Ian disappeared because he doesn't agree with corners and I was left to hang out with Benny and Casserly. I felt bad for a moment, then I recalled I could finally reclaim some Hebrew Cup glory!
(Hanging out on with Benny & Casserly. Photo: Roger Cadman)

At maybe 2 laps to go I was following Casserly down the big hill that had a slick rock on the descent and I saw him eat it, hard. I said "Sorry dude!" and whizzed by as he lay on the ground. He later told me it was one of the more demoralizing moments in his entire life. SWEET.

So, last lap and it was just down to Me and Benny, who have been going back and forth all season to be the alpha Wheelworks Cat 3 and I make a tactical decision to sit on his wheel the whole time until the final short hard ride up before the finish. When we hit it, I took the high line, then dived down onto the track to get in front of him and I took 22nd of 87 and he took 23rd and I snagged few more verge points. Pissah!

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