Friday, December 17, 2010

The Ice Weasels Cometh 2010!

Ice Weasels! Even the name is ridiculous and for the third year running the event was great.

I spent the day prior to the race out in the cold slamming stakes into the ground with Colin, and his lunatic band of volunteers in balmy 22F degree temperatures for 6 hours. Which was great, especially because the ground was so cold we really had to force those suckers into the ground, or in many cases had to use a mallet and driving stake to get a hole in the first place. Lauren was chief smasher, she was excited about it.

Anywho, on the day of the race I got there at about 9:30 am and rolled into the parking lot to be greeted by Cary and Chip who were already holding beers, so the day was off to a good start.
Greg wore his helmet for protection from angered heckling victims, I wore my hat too high. Photo: Itai Halevi

After mulling around for a bit I found my way over to the microphone where I met up with my co-star, Greg Whitney to announce all the early races. After I had doubted him all week on the twitters, Greg was actually a great announcer which was a surprise to everyone but himself. There were a few hiccups along the way, we couldn't see the lap cards so we kind of guesstimated how many laps were left in each race, also, there were times where we simply lost track of the leaders on course, and said things along the lines of "oh who the hell knows."

So, after standing around for 3 & 1/2 hours yelling at people with a microphone I got changed into my Israeli team kit and left a slightly inebriated Ryan T Kelly in control of all announcing. After that I rode a lap or two, I was "warmed up" and went to start somewhere in the middle.
"Racing" Photo by Lee Toma

Then I raced my bike for a bit, until we hit the barriers for the first time and I stopped to have some beer. I got going again and I spent a lap or two near McKittrick, "racing." Sometime on the first lap a guy commented that he couldn't read my ass, which was surprising because I thought everyone could read Hebrew.
Mr. McKitty Stacks the Fly-Over, Photo by Lee Toma

Then Matt Aumiller started commenting on the PA system about the epic showdown that Mr. McKitty and I were having so I tried a little harder, and then I had a cupcake, Mr. McKitty gapped me and I stopped caring entirely. Somewhere in there I got wheel chopped by Colin, and a little later by Evan Murphy, my old friend from Canton, but then he sent me an e-mail apology the next day, what good sport; Colin didn't, he's a jerk.

Me, with GeWilli in tow, Photo by Lee Toma

Hanging out with Evan and GeWilli, Photo by Lee Toma

From then on it was a blur of cupcakes, beer, an onion(?) and I would continually stop to drink beers instead of taking them on the fly and constantly passing GeWilli until late in the race because I didn't want to be near him anymore. Also, I lapped Cosmo, which made me SO happy, and I gave Durrin a high five at some point.

Why did I take an Onion hand up? Why was there an Onion hand up? I wanted a cupcake! Photo by Keith Reynolds

I finished in the scrum, but who cares, I had a blast.

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