Monday, December 13, 2010

NBX Day 2 Race Report

After having a few moments of glory on the front of a UCI race on Day 1, I went back down to the kids (cat 3) race on day 2 in hopes to claim a few more Verge Series points as the series came to a close.

Heading into the race I had a major problem, I was still sick. My head cold had decided that our friendship was not over and wanted to stay with me throughout the weekend, so I coughed and sneezed my way through warming up before heading over to the start.

I lined up in the 4th row, because I have Verge Points and marginally do not suck and used what I'm going to call my "strategy" from day 1 and lined up on the left side of the grid. I knew it was important to have a good start because I had promised Chandler that at some point I would ride him into the tape this season, and he was on the first row, so TARGET ACQUIRED.
(In the top 15 Early on, photo by: Double Hop)

The plan worked out pretty well, when the whistle blew I had a great start and when we got to the first turn I had moved up to about 12th position, Kyle Smith was there, and he said hi. So I hung out in the top 15 for a while and I was trying to stay there, I was actually on the cusp of a really respectable race, and I was ANGRY for no reason in particular. This was most prevalent when I was pulling a group of about 10 riders through the twisty parking lot after the finish line trying to catch the leaders and I turned around to yell something like "YOU ALL SUCK!" Because, at the time I felt like they were not contributing to the chase. (It was only later on that I was told that everyone behind me just hanging on to my wheel for dear life).

(Still trying to get a top 25 a quarter of the way through the race, photo by: Double Hop)

So, after an exhaustive effort on the first 2-3 laps I started to fade and I just wanted to stay in the top 25, the group I had been pulling had passed me and now I was on the cusp of NOT getting Verge points, and then my cold had something to say, however, my cold did not really have communicative skills, and expressed it self by forcing me to cough alot, and then I was well out of the top 25.
(Head cold has taken control, photo by: Double Hop)

Ok, my race was over, and I wanted a beer. When I came by the second beach I had pretty much given up and I asked Colin for a beer, he told me to try for one more lap. I did, and sure enough the next time I came through I was rewarded with a nice cold one to relieve my sore throat.
(Yep, just coasting a late lap, photo by: Double Hop)

So, I was now phoning it in, and then I saw the guy in a grey t-shirt from Gloucester, and I decided to try again. But only enough to keep him behind me. When I made it to the second beach on the last lap Ben Corbalis was there and he took my beer feed as he passed me on the short run-up. He made up for it though, by taking a swig, flinging it into the air and then Scott Glowa snagged and finished it off, it was absolutely amazing.

Oh, then Ben and I decided to race for whatever position, and had a fun sprint where I won to take 44th of 90ish starters.

This race was still fun.

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