Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2010-2011 Cyclocross Calendar Maps

Adam asked me to make some maps for a little project he is working on and I was happy to help, mostly because I like geography, cyclocross and internet.

So, behold the 2010-2011 Cyclocross Calendar in Map form.

View 2010-2011 Cyclocross Calendar in a full screen map

View 2010-2011 UCI Cyclocross in a full screen map

Some interesting things I take away from this are that there are only 3 races in Italy, generally considered a major cycling market, but 15 in the Northeastern United States.

However, while there are 15 in New England, there are over 40 in Belgium, a much smaller area.

Another note New England is way ahead of old England (and the rest of the UK) by with 15 races for the former, and only 6 for the latter.

Lastly, if you look closely you can see that in many countries, all the events are based around certain regions, nearly all the races in Spain are in the north central parts of the country, all the Swiss races are in the Northern German speaking regions, and of course in Belgium, the races are overwhelmingly found in the Flemish region

Source data: UCI

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