Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Other Sports I like

Since the dream of being a pro bike racer was totally killed at the 2009 USA Cycling Collegiate national championships, I've been able to free my mind from being totally focused on bike racing and have come to follow a few other athletic activities that I think are exceptionally awesome.

First, Rally. Seriously, how rad is Rally? You drive a car with reckless abandon across dirt, pavement, snow, mud, sand, what-have-you. It is the cyclocross of car racing, by which I mean it is friggin amazing. I started really following it once I got to college and when I studied in France in 2007 it was recapped on the world's greatest sports channel: Eurosport. Not convinced yet, look at this video:

Second, Biathlon. Combine the pain and agony of nordic skiing, (which is great in its own right) with GUNS. I mean, this is America, we love our guns, why isn't Biathlon more popular? Anyhow, there's really nothing more exciting than having two people come screaming into the stadium, the crowd hushed, a cheer after each hit, a gasp after each miss. The pressure is outrageous, for with each miss a penalty lap will be done changing the dynamic of the race entirely. It's astounding, time is fleeting, Madness takes control.... wait, that's the start to Time Warp.... Just enjoy the clip below:

Third, Boardercross. Not much to say here, strap 4 people to snowboards, send them down a snow covered mountain with berms and jumps, and just for good measure make it really fast.

On the same note, the Freeride World Tour. While it is a subjective sport as far as the scoring is concerned, it is totally amazing. Big lines, big air, flips, spins, cliffs. This competition is totally pushing the limits of what is possible on skis and boards.

Of course I love to watch my beloved Boston Red Sox, New England Patriots and Boston Bruins. But let's not forget my the Union College Hockey Team, 10th in the nation.

That's the end of this winter rambling for now. I guess I should probably start talking about bikes again soon.

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