Monday, January 17, 2011

The Sporting Life, before bike racing

Before I got into this whole bike racing business (although I shouldn't call it business because it sure hasn't been profitable) I rode mountain bikes around my hometown and I played some other sports.

But when I got into racing in college my participation in other organized sports has totally disappeared, and as the cold New England winter sets in, I've decided to recap my glory days as an athlete.
  • Soccer, aka association football, from age 7 to 17. Growing up in the 'burbs soccer was the sport that ruled over all others and I had a few moments of meager success. In 8th grade I played on the Lincoln Youth Soccer "select team" and was a starter on my middle school "varsity" squad. When I entered Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School I made the cut on the Freshman team but couldn't make the junior varsity squad as a sophomore. When I transferred to Brewster Academy I spent my first year on the "reserves" team, scoring a goal in the first game of the year, and another in the last game of the year. I think I scored 6 goals in my illustrious career. I played a couple of years of intramural in college, but I don't really think that counts.
  • Lacrosse, from age 14 to 20. I started in middle school, then a year on the Freshman team at Lincoln-Sudbury, however, my sophomore year I didn't play for a few reasons. But, then I transferred to Brewster Academy and somehow I played two years on Varsity team, where we won the league both years. As a varsity player I started 2 games, and scored 5 goals. Then I tried to play my Sophomore year at Union College, played in the fall term, but I wasn't very good and quit before they could cut me.

  • Ice Hockey, from 6-20. Growing up in New England I played pond hockey, but it wasn't until High School I tried to be competitive. I was an absolutely terrible player, spending 3 years on Junior Varsity, only scoring 3 goals in that span, but having a fairly solid +/- and this one time against Westford Academy my Junior year of High School I got an 8 minute penalty for fighting and a game misconduct, because I was a 140lb ENFORCER. Then a couple uninteresting years on the club team in college. But hey, hockey is awesome.
But, the one constant in my athletic life has always been biking, starting with just the trails
around town, then moving into street and trials riding, before moving to free-riding and finally road racing when I discovered the ECCC and then my life changed. Now I'm obsessed, I went from owning a bike or two, to owning seven or eight at a time. I scour the internet for race results, slammed stems, gear reviews, videos, and spend absurd amounts of money on clothing, gear, travel, race fees, etc.... But, would I change a thing? No, cycling has been so great to me that now, I can't imagine my life without racing, riding, meeting other racers and other general nonsense related to this sport.

Up next: Sports I'd like to try

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