Monday, March 14, 2011

Grant's Tomb Crit Race Report

I'll be brief, because crit racing is not as exciting as a cross race and I didn't really do anything spectacular. But first, let it be known that the week leading up to the race I did a training camp with my GREEN LINE Velo boys in Harrisonburg VA and the night before the race I got a head cold and slept on the floor.

Right, so I woke up on the floor at 6:30, got in the car drove the 15 minutes with AJ and his buddy Craig over to the course, got registered and such.

Rolling off the line with Mr. Greg Izzo, photo: Gus Blumberg

The race got delayed and the course was cut into a tear drop as opposed to the traditional 5 turn set up, but whatever it was a bike race. I should also note, that I was terrified of racing in New York, when I last did a USAC race in Manhattan in 2008, the riders were so horribly sketchy and rude that I've since assumed that all NYC races may result in major bodily harm. But I put that out of my mind and raced anyways.

Just hanging out in the bike race with Evan Murphy (on my right, he got 2nd), photo: Andy Shen

I sat in the first 10 laps or so, tried to attack then summarily got caught and spent the next 20 minutes being pack fill recovering. Then at 5 laps to go I jumped on another move and tried to be in a breakaway because I was trying to win the bike race. That didn't last more than a lap. From then on I just sat in because I had nothing left and coughed my way in to the finish getting 40 something-ith position. When the race was over I was tired and cranky, yay bike racing.

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  1. A week of epic Shenandoah Valley miles and you can only string together 300 words? I was looking for more than this my friend!