Sunday, April 24, 2011

Wells Ave Report, 4/24


This morning I did the B race at Wells Ave, the greatest training series ever. I had to do the B race to get to work on time, so I was NOT Sandbagging, also, I DID NOT WIN.

Anyhow, before the start I heard some Quabbin Reservoir Road Race horror stories.

During the race I opted to not contest the muffin or cookie sprints (my favourite kind of prizes, yes I spelled favourite with a "U" on purpose) because they were not kosher for Passover.

I lost out to THE SCHON on the first $10 sprint, then mis judged the halfway sprint for $15 and won the second $10 sprint over the Schon. (And before you ask, Hebrew Cup points do not apply on the road, only for cyclocross.)

Also, after I won that second preem(sp?) I got a second taste of my Matzah Brei, which is kosher for Passover, from breakfast and sat out a lap, then I did lots of work on the front in the last few laps to close down "the break" which was a 545 Velo guy and brought the Schon and Mike to the front, for no reason other than to ride my bike really hard because I wasn't eligible to win the race anymore. I think Mike won, but Ian gave me $5 because he sure is a swell guy.

So, that's the story, bike racing is fun.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Don't Get Upset

I've been listening to this song a lot lately, thinking about the lyrics and how they relate to my life. I think it is because the song is about patience, and how I need to be patient for things to come together. I've been struggling with this whole concept of adulthood for a few years now and perhaps that I shouldn't be bothered by it. So long as I stay put, figure out a plan and work hard, things will pan out eventually.