Sunday, May 1, 2011

Blue Hills Race Report

Ok, last week I hyped up my team, Green Line Velo driven by Zipcar heavily for the win at Blue Hills, as we were to have 8 riders at the start. I went into the day hoping to be a super domestique and help the team get the W. Sadly, as you will read on the inter-net we didn't really get it together and mustered two guys in the top 10.

Anyhow, I had high hopes for the race at the start. The first couple of laps featured some attacks, our man Keith was hanging out on the front trying to control things and so was Pete. But for the most part I sat in until the 3rd lap where I got to the front to help with the work and then I did an "attack pull" past Cosmo and dangled off the front for a few moments. Then I floated back into the group for a lap and a half to find that a break had gone and gotten a gap. CRAP, the Green Line Crew wasn't paying attention. I then spent the rest of lap four trying to get to the front to do some work.

At the bell I had finally made my way to the front and drilled it in another "attack-pull" to try and bring back the 4 man break, but it was an ill fated attempt and I was quickly reeled back in, Rooter probably has it on video.

I sat in again for a bit until the final climb where I dragged Mike up the gutter to the front at 3k to go, also known as REALLY REALLY EARLY, tried my darnedest to up the pace of the pack to catch the break and then summarily blew up and coasted into the finish 30 seconds behind the main group, but Pete did pull out 6th and Chris got 10th, so I guess that's something. But the team has a lot of room for improvement.

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