Monday, June 27, 2011

On Being a Cat 3 Domestique, Keith Berger Crit Report

I went on down to Connecticut on Sunday for the Keith Berger Criterium with my friends on Green Line Velo driven by Zipcar, because we like to go around in circles real fast.

When I arrived at the venue I was amazed at how nontechnical the course was, and thus would be "wicked fast guy."

Going into the race the GLV boys and I had big plans to win priemes and take the win as we had 7 guys in the race.

Then the bike race happened, and things didn't exactly work out that way. Early on, Mark won a cash prieme on a 1 lap breakaway as the boys got up to the front to block for him, so that was pretty cool.

That looked pretty fun, so a few laps later I decided I wanted to be in DA BREAK so I attacked at a totally random time hoping that someone would want to come hang out with me off the front of the race, but nobody did and I dangled off the front for two laps before getting reeled back in before the next prieme.

Then I recovered for a while, tried to attack about two-thirds of the way through the race and bridge up to a break, but the cat 3 gentlemen thought that it was not a gentlemanly thing to do and collectively decided that I wasn't going to get away with that kind of silliness.

At this point, the race got fairly fast and all 80 dudes were lined out at 30 mph any time people wanted to get off the front, which meant it was time to wheelsuck my way up to the front.

At 8 laps to go I had made my way into the top 20 wheels along with Hughes and it was time to do my job and KEEP IT TIGHT, because I was a sacrificial lamb and the GLV crew wanted a big old fashioned field sprint. The positioning proved to be crucial four laps later when I saw some dudes trying to attack and Hughes and I were right there to shut that noise down.

At 3 to go, I was on the front and I guy from 5 wheels back goes "WE GOT A GAP, GO!" So, I drilled it knowing Hughes was there with me and I figured we maybe had a chance, and then I peeled off only to see the field was right there, and I decided to just slide my way back into the race on the inside of turn 2. Of course, I got pinched super hard and I decided that instead of cutting deep into the field and causing a crash I would just hit the brakes, let the field roll by and completed the last few laps of the race alone, off the back, knowing that I had done my job.

Mark ended up in 5th, Keith in 11th, and Hughes and I got 2nd to last and last respectfully.

I would call the whole thing a bike racing success.


  1. And now I know why you don't want Hebrew cup to count on the road.

    Btw, I believe it's spelled "prime" even though that's not how it sounds.

  2. Good job using a 7 man team to keep the race together for a field sprint. It can be tough to set that up in a big cat 3 field on a fast crit course.

  3. I like the way you spell prieme. Makes more sense. I'm gonna use that.

    and Nice job with the DFL!