Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Pinnacle Race Report

"Man it's rough, I don't know where to start or where to begin" -Patton Oswalt

Which in this case means, I don't know whether to talk about the bike racey part of my Pinnacle experience or how totally amazing the course was. Although, I may just refer you to ROOTER'S BLOG, because his childlike enthusiasm is perfect for describing how totally RAD the course was.

So I'm going to start talking about the race now. GET READY.

First of all, this was round 2 of the Hebrew Cup with the one and only אורי הלבי which meant I needed to go Niv Libner fast to beat him. It was also fortunate that he came up in the same car as me so I could have ample time to psyche him out.

Um, what else..... OH YEAH! There were 6 people in my race, and one of them was this super nice guy named Billy who was wearing black shorts and a blue cotton tee, and Chris Hamlin, pretty much guaranteed that Billy was going to win.

I met some other dudes at the start line and I was really only concerned about beating Uri.

The start was uninteresting and despite winning the hole shot, I opted to sit up because the race was 2 hours not 20 seconds and get faster as the race got longer. Anyhow, I slipped into fourth and then I just rode hard enough to keep Uri behind me. I got to the top of the hill, passed the guy in third who got a flat, and Uri disappeared, which was great. Then I went across the top of the hill and rode down with a huge idiot grin on my face.

Up the hill once again and I saw Fred Howland behind me, and I was "RACING" again to get on the podium. I kept Fred at bay all the way up the climb and made it to the sweet off-camber rolling section at the top of the hill. Then, my gear fell apart, by which I mean, my shifter stopped working. So I stopped, to see what the deal was and got passed by Fred, which sucked.

I eventually got going again, by pulling on the exposed section of my shifter cable to engage the paul in the shifter and BOOM, I could shift with one hand on the down tube and another on the shifter.

I eventually made it to the bottom of the hill, did one more lap and finished up in 4th place, NICE. If I only didn't ruin my bike in the middle of the race, I could have gotten third! After the race I learned that Uri, had not only broken his seat post clamp before the race, but had also broken his chain during the race, and had to DNF, so I won the HEBREW CUP!

And yes, the guy in the Blue t-shirt won, by seven minutes. That was great.

Last note, I figured out the problem with my shifting on Tuesday, when my derailleur broke:

Apparently, it was a little old.


  1. steven,

    nice,report. it might, flow a little better, however, if you weren't, so obsessed with, breaking everything up, with commas. it hurt to read, a little.


  2. Lauren,

    I'll take grammatical criticism from you seriously when you learn to use capital letters.

    Smiley face emoticon.

  3. Great racing with you Steven - hopefully you'll have better mechanical luck at the next race!