Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Crits, Crits, Crits

That's right, I've done 3 in the last two weeks, and now I shall share some brief reports.

Exeter Criterium
For those of you not in the know, the Exeter crit is one of the "big deal" weeknight crits in New England each summer and has a Pro/1/2/3 race aka, it was going to be fast. It was. All you need to know is that I paid $30 to hang out in the bunch for about 27 minutes until I decided I wanted to float back a little bit and then BOOM the field blew past me and I was off the back, solo.

Then it was time to wait for a group of 6 dudes (including young Collin) who also got DROPPED LIKE ROCKS, and we rode another 4 laps chasing in a completely disorganized fashion and then we sprinted, which I won. SO, I was the fastest guy to get pulled and placed. I'm kind of a big deal like that.

Attleboro Crit (Pro/1/2/3)

On Saturday I went on down to Attleboro to contest the big kids race and had a blast. I sat in a lot, because I'm not that good at bike racing. But there were a few moments of brilliance... I attacked with Adam Sullivan about 10 laps in and we didn't really commit to DA BREAK and I dangled off the front for a few laps, because that's how I like to roll. Then I spent a bunch of laps recovering, and started to work my way up to the front to help out Sam because he has insane sprinting watts, and he needed "protection."After helping him hold position from laps 10 to 5 to go, I was in 5th wheel and saw Adam St. Germain attack and attempt to bridge to DA BREAK, I thought, "that seems like a good idea" and followed toute-suite, only to realize that my legs did not think that was a good idea, and I swerved to the left, hoping to get out of the way, only to almost kill the rest of the group. Fortunately the group was fine and I was sent to the back of the bunch with the scrubs where I belong, which is where I finished. Sam did manage 8th place, he used his winnings to buy me a Dunkin Donuts Coolatta after the race, it was delicious.

Attleboro Crit (cat 3)

After the Elite race (above) at Attleboro, I decided to double up and do the cat 3 race because I like pain and suffering on two wheels. Early on I was aggressive and tried to attack with Uri, only to learn that my legs hurt. Then I tailgunned it for 30 laps got to the front at 4 to go to help shut down DA BREAK and turned myself inside out for my team. Then I stopped caring entirely and rolled in 2nd to last. The team got 2 guys in the top ten, so I'm fairly happy with the race.

Basically, I'm getting better at hurting myself by being aggressive and racing in elite fields in which I do not belong. Now I just need to get some secret watts, because I've given up on this whole "sitting in" thing.

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