Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Yarmouth Clam Fest

Before going to the glorious State of Maine this past weekend I was pretty excited, because Maine is totally awesome and I had always heard great things about the Yarmouth Clam Festival race over the years.

Anyhow, I left Newton on Saturday night, with two my GreenLineVelo driven by ZipCar teammates to sleep on the floor in Portland. Now, it should be noted that before we left Newton, I had a chicken parm sub, then on the way out of Somerville (to pick up a teammate) I had a delicious chicken burrito and lastly while we were getting gas in Haverhill I had a bottle of chocolate milk and a white chocolate candy bar. This was probably the healthiest I've ever eaten the night before a race.

We arrived in Portland and after a little socializing I hit the futon pad on the floor and awoke 6 hours later to head over to the race, naturally I stopped at the local Dunkin Donuts for some health snacks.

Upon arrival in Yarmouth I did the usual pre-race nonsense, registration, changing, socializing, "warming up" and helping teammate Greg install a new chain and my used cyclocross derailleur because he had a parts explosion the day before. Then, rolled over to the start, and away we went for 35 miles of bicycle racing.

Early on it was immediately apparent that I didn't warm up enough and I felt terrible. But I hung out in the race and hoped that it would improve as the race got on. The first 5 or 6 laps were uneventful, I tried to move up a bit with Chandler, but I still felt downright awful. But, regardless at 3 laps to go I made a big push to move up and then I felt even worse.
Tailgunning, photo: Don McEwan

So on the backside of the course at 2 laps to go I floated to the end of the pack and Kyle actually gave me a little bit of a push as a warning I was about to get DROPPED, and then breakfast, and most of dinner from the night before was expelled from my body as I rolled off the back of the group.

Finishing, photo: Don McEwan

But then, I totally rallied! With the white death extracted from me, I finally felt not that terrible and I punched it to get back in the group. For the final two laps, I tailgunned hard, then moved up about 20 spots on the finishing climb. Just after that I saw Nat, and I was like "OH MAN, INTERNET" and sprinted hard for 60somethingish position and then the race was over.

I should be noted that Greg got 11th, on my used derailleur that he installed 20 minutes before the race. That man is not human.

After the race, I hung out with people, ate some fried food at the event and chilled. From there we got back in the car, and went to the beach, which was great:

Gosh, summer is swell.

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