Wednesday, September 21, 2011

CX 2012 Looms

A few quick notes about the 2012 cyclo-cross campaign:

  1. I am getting a new bike, it will look like this:

  2. I am yet to do a 'cross race, because of some extenuating life circumstances, but I am excited to do the Midnight Ride
  3. I have tubular cyclo-cross tyres for the first time this season, I will undoubtedly roll them or flat them at some point because I am gluing them myself, they are by the fine folks at Vittoria
  4. I'm on the fence about having a 2012 Hebrew Cup, as it is looking ever more likely that I will not win, and what's the point directing a series that you made up if you cant win?
  5. Despite my currently flexible work schedule, I spent a lot of my free time applying for jobs... We'll see how that affects results.
  6. I moved to Somerville, everyone in my house races the cyclo-cross. I live in a madhouse filled with tubulars and whoopie pies.

1 comment:

  1. FWIW, the giardia means I've pretty much been off the bike for 3 weeks. I'm gonna be slow as syrup at Gloucester.