Monday, October 31, 2011

Gloucester Race Reports!

Oh, wow.

It has actually been a month since I updated this blog. I probably should catch up with all the bike racing that has been totally happening!

Right, let's get to it folks!

Gloucester Day 1
I don't exactly recall what happened, except for the fact that it was muddy. Which made me sad. I started 5th row, I think. I had a respectable start, moving up into the top 30 only to go slower as the race went on.

Photo: Ben Stephens

I don't really know what happened, I just remember there was an immense amount of suffering. I may have started crying on the last lap. Result 59 of 150

Gloucester Day 2

After the totally mediocre day 1 in mud, I was pretty stoked on a relatively dry day 2. Again I started about 5th row with bro's all around and I was PUMPED TO GO AROUND TURNS.

After the opening sprint I started bob and weave my way through the field and found myself in the top thirty. From then on I tried to LAY IT DOWN on the flat sections and SPRINT out of every corner. Which is a great strategy if you actually have fitness, but I don't. And after 2 laps I started to fade. By this point I was struggling and I knew it was time to limit the damage, so I focused on picking good lines and going as hard as I could on the flat parts. I was battling, it was fun. People yelled at me, and then the race was over. Result 41 of 144

Awesome race reports. I KNOW

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