Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Midnight Ride Race Reports!

You know what's better than racing and training to get ready for the Cylocross Mega-week? Doing nothing!

And with that mindset I started the 2011 Cyclocross campaign in style at the Midnight Ride of Cyclocross in beautiful Lancaster, MA. I got to the race at about 4 after doing some traffic racing and did a slow lap on my new bike, that I built the day before with my new tubular wheels I had glued a few days earlier, and with total faith in my mechanic I pre-rode with about 10 psi in the tire because I don't know how tubulars work. After that I registered, socialized and walked to my car and heard the first call to staging.

Cat 3 Gentlemens' Race

"Wait, what? My race starts in ten minutes? I could have sworn it was at 5:30." The response from those around me was, nope, 5. CRAP. Ok, I applied skinsuit, rolled over to the start and hung out with dudes until we got lined up.

Thanks to Crossresults I lined up in the 2nd row and away we went. Early on I moved up to about 3rd wheel and I was at the business end of the race. IT WAS ON LIKE DONKEY KONG ON SUPER NINTENDO IN THE BASEMENT CIRCA 1993!

Up front was Sean "My dad owns a bike shop and I don't care if I sandbag" Kennedy, Jeff Elie and a few bro's I didn't know. But I was being aggro and I soon found myself 2nd wheel chasing down a surge from Kennedy out of the barriers. I tried apply WATTS to the situation.

Then I started to fade a little bit and ended up chasing a leading group of 3 or 4. A few laps later and the race had strung out a little more and I was now in 6th/7th with Ian Whittle, trading pulls to keep a large group behind us at bay. We hung out for few laps and then Ian had enough of my shenanigans and away he went off to 6th place without me, JERK.

I spent the last lap or two doing my best to keep the 5 or 6 chasers at bay, and rolled in for a solid 7th place finish.

SingleSpeed Race (A gearing choice not a category)

Then I was tired and hungry, also, I had to do another bike race in about 10 minutes. Quickly changed numbers, had a gu, zip-tied my shifters and got to the start. This time with no aspirations of doing well. Lined up 3rd row and away we went for another 45 minutes of cyclocross. After about 300 meters I found myself in the top 10 and I immediately realized I was overgeared. Oh noes! After 2 laps of trying to hang out in the top 15 it was time for the Gentlemen's slide to scrubtown, and I found myself in the middle of the bike race.

At which point Todd "20#Skull" Preskaksisiavatich showed up and I decided to have fun, so I let him catch up to my wheel, then I ATTACKED LIKE A BOSS FOR 35th PLACE, just to mess with him. I couldn't really keep that going and he soon caught back on going into the small stairs.

To prevent getting passed I implemented the best of race tactics, I dismounted and swung my bike out as far to the right as I could shoving my rear triangle into his face, because I'm an adult.

Todd was not hindered by this, got around me and then rode away.

I then tempo rode in for a uninteresting result.

Then I was more tired, more hungry, and my legs hurt. I ate some food and then went on to yell at people in the elite races.

Gosh, what an awesome event. Well done Gary David and Minuteman Road Club, well done.

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