Tuesday, November 22, 2011

MRC Race Report!

I had big plans for the MRC Cyclocross race, I was going warm up, eat right and actually be ready to race when the time came for some single-speeding.

Tragically, Greg roped me into announcing all the events with him, which meant standing around, talking on the microphone drinking coffee and eating donuts all morning until 10 minutes before my race.

I got this!

After changing and riding the course I knew I might have a chance for a respectable result. But then I learned there was a first lap prize. Which meant, I was going to go all out for the first lap, because I'm really good at that.

After the LeMans start....

I got on my bike and rode it pretty darn fast. And I was leading the bike race with Cort, which was great, I took a better line and got around him before the finish to win $50! Then I sat up for a second, and he was ready to keep going, whereas I didn't feel so great.

Photo: Abel

I keep pushing for half a lap and then... it was time for some coffee and donuts next to the side of the course. I got passed by a lot of people. Finished my coffee and donuts and then got back on my bike to rally and move my way back through the field to finish 17th.

Was blowing up after the first lap worth it?


Providence Day 2 Race Report


I got really busy with LIFE and all of a sudden I forgot about my blog!

Really, I know, it's upsetting. I mean, I have kept twitter going pretty darn well, but my blog. This thing is my baby and I've neglected it like I was neglected as a child. And now it is awkward, confused and can't pick out pants that fit.

But that's ok I guess. The blog and I needed some time apart so I could get a job and not be stressed out all the time.

Oh, right, bike racing! I've done a bit.

Let's do this!

Providence day 2
I missed out on Providence Day 1 because it was Yom Kippur, which is kind of a big deal. Like a really big deal. Thus I spent the whole day with family, fasting, not moving. But, I ate a massive meal at the Break-The-Fast on Saturday night and thought that would be sufficient to rally for a decent ride on Sunday. But how I was wrong.

I showed up at the race venue early, tried to eat, but couldn't and it was also nine million degrees kelvin. I don't know if you have ever read my blog, but I don't do so well when it's hot. Regardless, I pre-rode, hung out and got sad because the course had 1 mile of pavement on a 2 mile course and, it was hot. Did I mention that it was hot? Because it was hot.

Oh, so then it was time to race bikes, and I lined up behind the guys with Verge Points, because at this time in the season my results from 2010 were carrying my crossresults.com points.

Then the race started and .... it was hot.

I almost died a couple of times in the middle of the scrum, but I also just couldn't "go." This proved to be a slight problem as I felt awful 90 seconds into a 45 minute race.

Then things went from bad to worse, because as you may recall it was hot.

I started to fade, and fade, and fade, and I soon found myself deep in the Scrub Zone. It was not a good place to be, Mike Zancanato was there, and while I like the guy, and he sure does make swell bicycles, but I don't really like racing for 90th with the guy.

But then Dave Chiu showed up! He was chasing me down, and it almost felt like we were racing for 35th! Then, Dave fell down and I never saw him again. Ugh lame.

After that I got passed by some dudes and rolled in for a pretty meager 99th place.