Friday, December 2, 2011

Downeast, Beacon, HPCX


Downeast Weekend
Nothing to say, courses had lots of running due to mud, I don't do that so well..... Ho hum. One day I had an epic reverse holeshot... um.. I did not get rad, I did not get verge points... I don't want to talk about it anymore.

Beacon Cross
I have to preface this race report by describing the conditions. They were amazing and awful. How you might ask?

Well, it was 36F and raining. Which is the best type of weather, because .... it's epic. I am prone to epic condition bike races. Because now I have a story to tell.

So, the "warm up" for the day consisted of sitting in the car, hanging out on twitter and doing 1 pre-ride lap in full rain gear and rain boots.

I do have to say that the course was actually pretty awesome. Fast, flowy, sandy, turny, twisty, muddy. I would describe it as rad.

Anyhow, I started last row, because the MAC doesn't believe in Crossresults and I got staged by order from registration.

When the whistle blew I moved up quickly into the top half. I pedaled hard for a while and blew past people. But after the first muddy section the field strung out on the wide and fast course and I resigned myself to riding high tempo for the rest of the day trying to stay in the top 20. From there I got cold and wet. Also, there was the famous ampitheater of pain, with mud at the top and a long beach run. Both of which are not conducive to me having a good bike race. These two course elements caused me to fade a bit and I fell back into the 30's. I then rode with a couple of guys I don't know and sprinted for 30th.

It sure was a lovely day (photo: Hudson Racing)

From that point onwards I was focused on putting on dry clothes.

After the previous day's storm I was super excited for the snow on course at HPCX. The only problem was that it wasn't a good snow. It was the kind of snow that sits on top of damp grass and turns the entire bike race course into a bog. A bog with lots of running if you are a scrub, like me.

But, that's ok! For it was sunny and pleasant out and I can deal with that.

For the second day I was staged in DABACK with the scrubs and rolled off the start.

The start was rather intriguing, because we went up a hill on pavement into a muddy bog. Which meant it was time to run with my bicycle and throw some bows, and that is always rather exciting. Especially when I am down in the MidAtlantic and nobody has a clue who I am, thus I have no reputation to protect. I was throwing out my elbows, getting all up in dudes' lines and then I recalled... I hate running.

I decided to ride conservatively and save some energy for the running parts, this plan was foiled by the fact that the entire course was mud. Which meant pedaling hard the entire time, which requires being fit, which I am not.

'twas rather muddy (photo: Lauren's Mom)

After a few laps of this agony I recall passing Andrew (AKA Roommate X) as he had punctured his tire. Which meant it was time to try again! My glorious time as the alpha roommate was not to last however, as after he ran half a lap to the pit, he got a wheel from neutral support and then blew past me like I was standing still. He claims he did it because of this thing called "training" I think it is because he sacrifices kittens to the Evil Mud God on Mount Olympus... So he may of beaten me, but he also kills kittens! MORAL VICTORY.

Anyhow, I beat some dudes and rolled in for 37th of 64.

Another not terribly exciting weekend.

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