Wednesday, January 18, 2012


How is it already January 18th, 2012?

It seems like just the other day I was racing bikes in Chicago, beating Cosmo.

But alas, it is now Mid-January in Massachusetts, during weakest winter I can recall, where it is relatively warm, dry and sunny.

And this, presents a problem. For in past years by this time I'd have been a solid 4-5 weeks removed from bike racing, and if given this kind of weather I'd be out and about riding as much as possible. BUT, this is not past years, and my cyclocross season extended into January and instead of gearing up for long winter rides I'd rather be skiing, snowboarding and even shoveling the walk.

So I hope it snows soon, so I can play in the white fluffy stuff instead of staring out the window at the clear roads and tolerable temperatures with no desire to ride bikes.

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