Sunday, May 6, 2012

Blue Hills Race Report

Oh another Cat 3 road race in New England, what could go wrong? The weather was brisk and lovely, my team had 7 dudes in the race, and it was a scant 25 minutes from home! Obviously the cards were going to come together for an amazing racing experience.

I started off the morning by having a man-date with Colin and pounding some chocolate chip pancakes, because that is definitely the best pre-race meal ever. We then drove down to the Great Blue Hill and milled around the parking lot doing the usual pre-race routines, not warming up, socializing and pinning numbers. Then, it was time to race the bikes, which, as per usual was totally exciting.

The race started at an up tempo pace and I made a point to sit in the first lap so that I wouldn't have a second taste of breakfast. The pace of the field ebbed & flowed but noting was crazy fast during the first 10 miles. Of course during this time my teammate Dave had attacked, solo off the front and was content to suck wind all day, which meant one thing: it was time to hang out all day and not care! (Except of course when people brake checked all over the place and cars were on the side of the road, then I cared about not dying).

I took advantage of this by not really doing anything, sitting in the middle of the field for a while. Only making my way to the front when Marvin Wang attacked and tried to bridge, I sat on his wheel and completed the bridge to a chase group, which surmounted into nothing and then spent the next 2 laps near-ish the front shutting down attacks and such then going to the back of the field while others of the GLV army did their share at the front.

Heading into the bell I was sitting in the middle of the pack when I saw Mike Wissell charge up the road with Matt Casserly and decided to go hang out with them. I sat on Mike's wheel 5 seconds off the front of the field feeling like a rockstar until Mike surged and I crumbled like stale bread. I then floated to the back of the field hoping to get back to the front on the finishing climb and pull out something for the inevitable field sprint, as DA BREAK was gone and this is when everything went wrong.

Heading into the finishing climb my field caught the Master's 40+ field, and they were not neutralized, which meant it was time for the SUPER PELOTON. We really merged with them halfway up the final climb when the Cat 3 field swerved to the left trying to get around in unison and then shenanigans occurred. Some clown took out The Schon, and a few others and I was run into a guardrail on the left, but stopped before critical impact. I stayed there a bit with Hughes to make sure The Schon was not dead and he managed to be scraped up pretty well, but was decidedly still alive. Hughes and I then rolled in a few minutes later for whatever place chatting about how we were terrified the whole race.

Video of the crash via Colin

Dave did manage to hang on in DA BREAK for 2nd place, which was swell, so team success!

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  1. I rode in the SUPERPELOTON at the end of Tokeneke once. I wasn't there today, but I after 4000 more feet of climbing and 22 miles more of race, I can assure you that it was still total shit.