Wednesday, May 10, 2017

BOA Warranty Letter

Last week just before an excellently produced Bear Brook Classic I broke the BOA lace on my preride. I managed to race with my broken shoes but I am requesting a warranty replacement. 

Below is the warranty letter I just sent to BOA (who have a great warranty website by the way) and just thought I'd make someone have a laugh while processing this request.


The dial had been sticky recently, and my Boa® IP1 lace broke!
I was pretty sad. This was a real shame because the fit was so snug and precise and of course this broke during the warm up for a race. 
Needless to say I soldiered on with my ziptied shoes but my motivation was lacking and as a result my dreams had died, my heart was filled with despair and my result was less than optimal. 
I do hope to repair these shoes quickly and restore honour to my family name along with a certain respectability amongst my peers, the tens of fans that follow amateur mountain bike racing and my own self esteem. 
Thank you for your consideration and assistance in this difficult time.