Green Line Velo, my crew of current and alumni collegiate racers based in and around Boston. The primary focus is to develop amateur talent while bringing the fun and relaxed attitude found in collegiate racing to regular USA Cycling events. Founded 2009, member since inception. 

North Atlantic Velo
The Wheelworks Cyclocross team is a cavalcade of cyclocross cavaliers crusading about the Northeast in hopes to capture a collection of championships and cheers during lovely New England fall weekends. When it comes to racing, the primary goal is for each rider to race to the best of their ability in hope of reaching the top step of the podium and to raise their arms in victory in front of the throngs of thousands in attendance. The team consists of a cadre of 'crossers racing in almost every category that can be cyclocrossed. Each week the Wheelworks Cyclocross crew will join the core of the cyclocross culture and cultivate a new passion for all things cross. 2009-2011.

North American Velo was my non-collegiate team when I lived out in Schenectady NY. A great group of people who love to race and promote the Canton Cup, one of the best cyclocross events in the Northeast. Member: 2008-2009.